CHIYO'S RETURN by Chlyono Sugimoto Klyooka


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Her mother's book, A Daughter of the Samurai, has become almost an essential book for children's rooms in libraries and for school libraries, as factual and autobiographical material on girlhood in Japan. Now comes a book which makes a very effective ""bridge"" between American and Japan, in the account of a year spent in Japan by Madams Sugimoto and her daughter, after an absence of ten years, during which time the Japanese child had forgotten the details of her birthplace. The text is really a sharing with her of a voyage of rediscovery, a growing into a better understanding and appreciation of the reasons back of what seem, at first, meaningless superstitions and empty traditions and customs. She shares her growing knowledge of the inner richness of the old country with her friends of the new. Colorful, fascinating in the revelation of the details of daily life, the customs, the festivals which make life in Japan look -- externally -- like a daily pageant. Particularly valuable for ""goodwill"" at this time. The graceful and decorative line drawings by Bunji Tagawa are interpretative of the spirit of the book.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran