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REST IN PIZZA by Chris Cavender


by Chris Cavender

Pub Date: May 1st, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-7582-7150-1
Publisher: Kensington

Sisters team up to investigate the murder of a celebrity chef in their small town. Even closer, actually.

When bookshop owner Cindy asks for a hand with her grand opening from local pizza-shop owner Eleanor Swift and her younger sister Maddy, no one suspects what lies ahead. Cindy has recruited celebrity Chef Benet to give a cooking demonstration in order to help bring in customers, and Eleanor and Maddy don’t mind taking time from A Slice of Delight to assist, especially since able-bodied Greg and Josh can lend a hand in the sisters’ absence. The chef goes missing right before he’s meant to take center stage, and Maddy and Eleanor split up to try and find him. Once Eleanor finally does locate him, the enormous knife protruding from his body makes her doubt that he’ll be taking his expected role in the opening after all. Of course the corpse has turned up in A Slice of Delight, immediately drawing suspicion on them. To clear their names, and maybe even out of habit, Eleanor and Maddy try to figure out who had reason to off Benet. Given the dead man’s argumentative nature, eliminating the few locals who didn’t want to kill him may be easier than proving who did. Mixed in with the mystery is drama in Maddy’s longtime relationship that may shake things up for good.

Despite a predictable plot, the increasing mastery of action and flow suggest that Cavender (A Pizza to Die For, 2011, etc.) is hitting her stride.