THE GREEN CIRCLE by Chris Massie


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Interesting psychological probing, which might be defined as mental exercise her than in the thriller or horror class. Egan Borthwick, 25 years an inmate of a mental hospital, tells his story, and the doctor who watched him explains and analyzes the case, after Egan's death. His tale of madness through violence, of the ""green circle"" and conscience motif, Unity Purchase, is told to a murderess whose crime he offers to assume and, in giving himself up, enters his last illusion: the doctor's story, told to a psychiatric confrere, recreates Egan's madness as too great use of a fine brain, misses the real cause of his unbalance, but reveals Egan's own story as imaginary. Deft.

Pub Date: Feb. 20th, 1942
Publisher: Random House