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THE FOURTH STALL: PART II  by Chris Rylander


by Chris Rylander

Age Range: 9 - 13

Pub Date: Feb. 7th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-06-199630-6
Publisher: Walden Pond Press/HarperCollins

Someone’s out to destroy Mac’s middle school, and Mac must find a way to stop him.

Christian Barrett, called “Mac” after the television secret agent MacGyver, is a problem-solver, operating out of the fourth stall in the East Wing boys’ bathroom in his middle school. For a price, he helps fellow students with their problems: taking care of a bully, forging hall passes, selling test answers, providing completed homework and selling prewritten research papers. And now an eighth-grade girl comes walking into Mac’s “office” and wants Mac to take care of a mean teacher trying to get her expelled. But there’s “something almost predatory” about this girl, like a rattlesnake, and Mac feels “like a small white mouse or whatever it is that rattlesnakes eat.” Her story doesn’t quite add up, and in trying to solve her problem, Mac both uncovers larger evil afoot and finds Vice Principal George breathing down his neck. This second installment does better than its predecessor at building and sustaining intrigue, as Mac and his right-hand man Vince must put a stop to Dr. George’s evil machinations, even if it means putting himself and his business in jeopardy.

Readers will be flushed with excitement to follow Mac’s operations from the fourth stall. (Fiction. 9-13)