NOTES OF A HYPOCRITE by Christiane Singer


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Miss Singer should be taking Notes as a preface to some larger, more interesting work. Certainly she has talent and a gift for lyric expression. She can also probe to the nitty gritty of a moment. But in this slender volume she is a little over anxious in her concern with the stuff of life: ""There was the Family, Dignity, Great Music, Work, the Book you had to have read, the Good Fellow, the Fantastic Good Looks of the latest woman to be noticed, your father's Car, your mother's Car, your sister's Car, your Career, then your Career, your Career all marching in front of you."" Her delicate probing of a twenty-year-old existence: love, parties, family, disorientation, the need to relate to someone...something, or an occasional joyous exuberance may touch a certain feminine audience; others will find Notes a trifle self-indulgent and not eloquent enough to carry the reader along.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1966
Publisher: Dutton