ACID RAIN: A Sourcebook for Young People by Christina G. & Louise A. Berry Miller

ACID RAIN: A Sourcebook for Young People

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An adequate introduction to acid rain and its effect on our ecosystem. Beginning with the discovery in the early 1950's that certain fish were mysteriously disappearing from lakes in the Adirondacks, the authors go on to explain what acid rain is and how it is affecting our rivers and lakes, forests, air, and drinking water. Taking an active approach, the book encourages readers to keep an acid rain journal, be politically involved, or volunteer for one of the many programs working on the problem. Simple experiments are smoothly intregrated with the text, clarifying scientific principles and offering useful material for science projects. A concerned point of view is expressed; yet the information remains relatively unbiased, with discussion of the difficulties inherent in the complicated and expensive process of cleanup. This timely subject is presented in an accurate, well-organized way, but the uninviting appearance (no photographs, diagrams, etc.) and lack of an index may limit its usefulness. A glossary and suggestions for further reading are included.

Pub Date: Nov. 24th, 1986
Page count: 89pp
Publisher: Messner