GOBLIN MARKET by Christina Rossetti


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Christina Rossetti's small, disturbing masterpiece, published in 1862, found a wonderfully apt visualization in Laurence Housman's robust, fluid woodcuts (here printed in chichi mauve-magenta on off-white paper) to an 1893 edition. Strange bedfellows for Germaine Greet--but she provides illuminating if fitful insights, convincingly divorcing Christina Rossetti from the mystical tradition to which she can so easily and inaccurately be consigned, and emphasizing the poem's uncanny projection of powerful, half-fathomed images of childhood guilt. Greer repeatedly confuses the two sisters Lizzie and Laura; despite this glaring error and an occasional heavy-handedness she strikes a note of penetrating sympathy.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1976
ISBN: 0822204525
Page count: 51pp
Publisher: Stonehill