PHINNY'S FINE SUMMER by Christine Govan


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A convalescent summer-away-from-home that is just a sugar pill. Brother Jack has the measles so Phineas Eaton Harris, recovering from typhoid fever, is sent to the country (outside Atlanta) where he gets lots of attention from Judge, Mrs. and Peggy Peters, lots of food from Dora, and no sign of child life. Soon he meets Iva Knott, then brother Gurtey, two relatively poor kids who ultimately benefit from his generosity (pigeons and piano lessons) just as they all gain from the friendship. The big mystery is who stole the money at the church supper and even though it's not the local bully (who rescues Phinny from drowning) the incident is just grafted on to offset all the ice cream. Rich-and-poor contrast in the 1890's, no drama at any time.

Pub Date: Dec. 13th, 1968
Publisher: World