CHRISTINE JORGENSEN: A Personal Autobiography by Christine Jorgensen

CHRISTINE JORGENSEN: A Personal Autobiography

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This is, hatch, the His'n-Her-maphroditic story of Christine, christened George when born in 1926, called Brud by her family (fond, decent, churchgoing folks) and only later discovering that she really had feminine mannerisms and tastes (she liked to knit as a Child). It seems unnecessary to expand on most of this which has had such extensive coverage--the trip to Denmark where she was given (what American doctors failed to provide) the hormone therapy and surgery which enabled her to be herself. With no particular writing (or talking? or spelling--in 16 lines--""sprerm"" ""anomolies"") talent, she's told how she's been ""betrayed"" and ""victimized"" by the publicists and the press while sincerely justifying her career in show business from Las Vegas to the Latin Quarter. It was the only thing she could do (although she started out as a photographer and a medical technician). Now that her bookings have fallen off, we have the book. And, quite frankly, it's not only presumptuous but tedious.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1967
Publisher: Paul S. Eriksson