A SUDDEN WOMAN by Christine Lambert


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This is a soap-operific about young love, mature love, first love, last love, and mother love, with very little intellectual investment of any kind but a few uavering illuminations-- i.e. ""And inside her there was a steady trembling of everything that went into the making of a woman's substance"". Well, to get inside the story, it's about Lisa Tenant, 42, widowed and a New York city decorator; Doro, 17, the girl she's brought up alone; and Mike (short for Miklos, a Hungarian refugee and umbed by the years of war and prison) whom they share between them but not alike. For oro, this first experience, admittedly not encouraged by Mike, ends in tears- he ends her away- and she goes from his to her mother's bed for comfort. Only later does he become involved with Lisa, and theirs is a fine, strong love, strong enough to be ut aside- for Doro's sake... Mrs. Lambert writes about all this with a lump in her throat, her heart on her sleeve, and not much else up it- unless it's a handkerchief.

Publisher: Atheneum