THE FORGOTTEN FINCA by Christine Von Hgn
Kirkus Star


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A lovely story, exquisitely told, by a real story teller, which adults will enjoy along with the children (hence good for family reading). Elvia and her family -- down in Panama -- have lost their own finca in the landslide, and wander from place to place as itinerant workers, hoping always to find a real home. Each, in his own way, is seeking the security of roots. And they find this, when they stumble on an abandoned finca, and lvia persuaded her father to swallow his pride and let them stay. Elvia and a boy neighbor start, secretly, a garden; the whole family helps put the place back into condition -- and then the owner arrives, an old man, who has lost his family, and who finds that he needs them as much as they need him and his home. The events that lead one through the story are fascinating; the simplicity and grace of their living will appeal to all ages; and the background is depicted so that it brings the Panamanian setting right to the door. Nedda Walker's illustrations are charming, with a decorative as well as a story quality -- offset reproduction.

Publisher: Nelson