ST. IGNATIUS by Christopher


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Our libraries are filled with lives of the saints, and our publishers are adding to the number. Of biographies of St. Ignatius there are many, . Yet this new life of St. Ignatius deserves a wide reading. In place, it is well written, with the English language used in a manner to and to give new insights into an old subject. In the second place, the a Catholic, does not believe that hagiography phy must consist of The author disa scholarly pretensions and yet he makes the founder of of Jesus live and interprete him and his work in the light of modern in the language of the ular world of today. He himself declares that his Ignatius is hological rather than historical. He tries to make us Ignatius do what he did. ""An interpretative biography,"" the author be recommended to all interested in great personalities, although Catholic be especially interested.

Publisher: Sheed &