VEDANTA FOR THE WESTERN WORLD by Christopher-Ed. Isherwood


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The extent of interest in mysticism and allied esoteric interests is greater than the general public realizes, and there has been singularly little published recently for that market. Here is a book which should help meet that demand, -- a selection of essays from a periodical published in California, Vedanta and the West. Swami Prabhavananda is the editor and a number of the contributions are written by him. Other and perhaps more familiar names to the public not ordinarily interested in the philosophy of the Indian Scriptures and mystics include Gerald Heard, Aldous Muley, Frederick Manchester, John van Druten, as well as Isherwood himself. The introduction goes into the basic ideas of man's divinity, the aim of human life, the essential agreement in all religions, and -- through dialogue technique -- Isherwood convinces himself (and presumably the reader) of the value in personal in-knowing, of the mystical experience, of the use of yoga -- and of the teachers back of the Order and the Missions for social service and the contemplative life. The 13 centers here -- plus those interested in the subject -- are the market.

Publisher: Marcel Rodd