ALL SORTS AND KINDS by Christopher La Farge


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A third (The Wilsons, East by Southwest) collection of short stories, these h an interest for writers as well as readers in that as well as a prefatory discussion of La Farge's own working concepts, each story carries its own commentary, of what touched off that particular story, what intention is carried. The stories, highly readable individually, are- in the first part- externally motivated; of a man who had killed accidentally; of another who killed intentionally; of a woman haunted by herself- her past; a m without a country; the jealousy of an artist's wife; etc. And in the second half they a more concerned with portraiture, with subtleties of mood, with passing- often quixotic- responses. The majority have had magazine appearance in Harper's Town & Country, The American, The New Yorker which speaks for their popular presentability, though the medi is not a popular one.

Pub Date: March 28th, 1949
Publisher: Coward-McCann