GONE HOLLYWOOD by Christopher & Linda Rosenkrantz Finch


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Almost impossible to categorize, this encyclopedia-dictionary-scrapbook-almanac is an amusing and surprising collection of facts and anecdotes about the ""Golden Age"" of the movies prior to World War II--and not only about the pampered and sybaritic stars but also such usually neglected satellites as publicists, cameramen, makeup artists, and gossip columnists. Arranged in an arbitrary, mock-serious fashion (alphabetically from Agents through Trend Setting), the book is only quixotically useful as a reference work, and better suited to serendipitous dipping. Here are numerous lists--of Hollywood salaries (Charles Boyer made $350,000 in 1941), parental professions (Janet Gaynor's father was a paper-hanger), nicknames (Cesar Romero: Butch), divorce statistics, star investments. Assembled by and for insatiable movie buffs, Gone Hollywood is written with style and wit, not in the usual fanzine style, and will come with lots of old, purportedly unhackneyed pictures.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1979
Publisher: Doubleday