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Dr. Lowen (Love and Orgasm; The Betrayal of the Body) is a Freudian-Reichian analyst who defines pleasure variously as the creative force in life, as the most positive and satisfying one, as beauty and grace (""The person who lives pleasurably moves rhythmically, effortlessly and gracefully""--a golden thought for the golden years). It also is by no means to be equated with tun and many of its distortions. Discussed here are several correspondences and polarities between love and hate, pleasure and pain, fear and anger, etc., etc. and much of the exemplification goes back to the often attributed stigmata of early childhood, e.g. ""the non-breast fed child is a deprived one."" What possibly, for some, might redeem the traditional and currently outdated theory is Dr. Lowen's own bioenergetic therapy which he seems to combine with analysis. . . namely breathing deeply, and on up to more strenuous activity (kicking) as a tension release. In any case, insofar as a general audience is concerned, eclectic.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1970
Publisher: Coward-McCann