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Hold on to your stomachs and off we go to Quonsett on Cape Cod, where a psychotic killer (haven't we met somewhere before?) endeavors to ruin the town's tourist trade--he blames the burg for his father's suicide--by luring various innocents to his van and dismembering them while (briefly) alive. Arghhh. . . The guy is an ex-med student, see, and he has fitted out his van as an operating room. So first he decapitates an apprentice cop, then he delegs a summering housewife, then there's a mastectomy for his very own girlfriend, and--the inevitable grand finale--castration for the corrupt town Selectman whom Mr. Psycho holds personally responsible for his family woes. Obviously, ""this fucker has got to be caught before he turns this town into a cemetery,"" so cops join forces with beach-bumming, cop-hating kids to comb the woods-resulting in some dead kids before the killer is pecked and drowned to death by some starving (because of the tourist exodus) gulls. Ah, poetic justice. . . . Pornography of violence, (im)pure and simple--with all the Cape Cod colors and characters (tourist vs. townie) just rest stops between the gross-outs.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1978
Publisher: Rawson--dist. by Atheneum