JACK NICHOLSON: Face to Face by Christopher & Robert David Crane Fryer


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Who is that man so often projected on the screen as an ""anti-heroic, soul-searching loner?"" ""A little boy trapped in a man's body"" (Sally Struthers). . . ""A secure man who's gone through a lot of insecurities to get that way"" (Ann-Margret). . . or is he ""really a straightforward, honest, and simple guy"" (the authors). Nicholson debuted in Roger Corman's The Cry Baby Killer, went on to the classic two-day quickie Little Shop of Horrors, graduated to Hell's Angels on Wheels and Psych-Out before finally being recognized in Easy Rider and gaining stardom with Carnal Knowledge and Chinatown. This surface-skimming cassette number includes interviews with a number of the subject's colleagues -- actor friends Bruce Dern and Karen Black; producers and directors like Corman, Dennis Hopper and Hal Ashby -- followed by the two authors interviewing each other. Despite its bummer of a format, there are some heavy cinematic reflections -- notably by Nicholson himself -- on his creative development as both an actor and co-producer/director (the flopping of Drive, He Said was particularly galling for him). Flaccid and cinema verite styleless -- a rebuffing experience for the serious Film buff.

Pub Date: April 25th, 1975
Publisher: Evans