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THE WARRIOR SHEEP GO WEST by Christopher Russell


From the Warrior Sheep series, volume 2

by Christopher Russell & Christine Russell

Age Range: 9 - 12

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4022-5925-8
Publisher: Sourcebooks

Dotty Ida White’s equally daffy rare-breed sheep return for more fleecy (mis)adventures.

Sheltering from the rain in the barn, the five rare-breed sheep who saved the world (at least in their own minds) from Lambad the Bad (Quest of the Warrior Sheep, 2011) hear a threatening message from Ida’s laptop (currently serenading the chickens with Internet music). Red Tongue threatens rams, ewes and lambs everywhere. Of course, matronly, busybody ewe Sal remembers mention of such a beast in the traditional “Songs of the Fleece.” Red Tongue will come out of the west, where the hottest winds blow, to devour sheep everywhere; only a band of brave warriors can save the eweniverse. Meanwhile, Ida and her great-grandson Tod are invited to take their sheep to a conference of RHUBARB: Rare, Humble, Unwanted, Beautiful, and Rare Breeds in…the American Southwest (imagine that!) The conference is not what it appears. Red Tongue is (of course) not what the sheep think it is…everyone gets a bit more adventure than they bargained for! The Russells, a British husband-and-wife writing team, trot out their brave-but-foolish fleecy heroes for another preposterous romp full of wild coincidences, evil scientists, mad magicians and enough misunderstandings for three novels.

Fans of Brit humor will enjoy, but gird your suspension of disbelief; it’s going to get a workout. (Animal fantasy. 9-12)