THE SHAMAN: Vol. I of The Star Stone by Christopher Stasheff

THE SHAMAN: Vol. I of The Star Stone

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First of a new fantasy series from the author of A Wizard in Mind (1994), etc. Of the Ulin, a godlike Elder Race, only Lomallin the Green and Ulahane the Red often concern themselves with human affairs. Through a priesthood that encourages slavery, prostitution, and greed, Ulahane is slowly winning over the human race. And it is said that Lomallin must die in order to gain the strength to defeat Ulahane. When Ryl, the wife of the huge barbarian warrior Ohaern, falls ill, only the shaman Manalo, who promotes the sharing-caring values of Lomallin, can save her; but Manalo has been imprisoned in the city Byleo, stronghold of the soldier Kuruites. So when Ryl dies, Ohaern, his clan beset by the human-jackal Klaja, minions of Ulahane's, gathers a band of select warriors, including Lucoyo the half-elf, and swears vengeance. Thereafter, through a tedious succession of battles and alliances, Ohaern will gradually acquire the resources he needs to defeat his enemies--but not until Manalo has been revealed as Lomallin himself, and the good Ulin, Rahani, has favored Ohaern with her love and transformed him into a shaman. Energetic but numbingly familiar and instantly forgettable.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1995
Page count: 368pp
Publisher: Del Rey/Ballantine