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A WIZARD IN PEACE by Christopher Stasheff


by Christopher Stasheff

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1996
ISBN: 0-312-86031-5
Publisher: Tor

 Fourth in a series (A Wizard in Mind, 1995, etc.) about the ``wizard''--actually esp-powered--Magnus d'Armand, who now calls himself Gar Pike. Gar's companion is Dirk Dulaine, a former serf freed by Gar during a previous adventure; together they roam the galaxy in their intelligent spaceship, Herkimer, seeking repressive and dictatorial planets requiring their wacky, irreverent brand of liberation. This time, they happen upon a planet ruled by a Protector so brutally ill-liberal that the citizens can't travel, marry, or even think for themselves, on pain of ghastly torture. Gar and Dirk, then, need some locals to front the revolution: Who better than the star-crossed lovers Miles and Ciletha? Light and reasonably entertaining, with lots of cliff-hangers and jolly chortling. Stasheff more and more resembles Piers Anthony, both in style and prolificness.