THE ALLAH CONSPIRACY by Christopher Warren


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Slightly-above-average terrorism thrills--trimly plotted and largely predictable. In April 1981 an Arab-terrorist team fails in an assault on Haifa hi-rises and ends up demolishing a packed bus, killing everyone in it and dying themselves. Israel is so incensed that it orders a dawn bombing of the Palestinian supply villages in nearby Lebanon. And when superb Palestinian tactician Colonel Rashid, working under diplomatic cover through the Libyan Embassy in Washington to organize the US radical underground against Israel, learns that his siblings have been killed, he vows propaganda-rich vengeance: he plans to kill President Edward T. Bannon, orders a very big mortar with ammo from an IRA contact in Chicago, and chooses the 200th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Yorktown as target date (since the Queen of England will also be attending he'll also take vengeance for the Balfour Declaration). And when the CIA is alerted that Rashid has vanished from his embassy and gone underground, it also receives aid from an Israeli intelligence specialist. The chase climax during the ceremonies is routine, but Rashid is an interesting anti-hero--who eloquently (if dubiously) compares the PLO/Israel conflict to the American Revolution. And overall this is serviceable suspense, with some pro-Arab angles (as is the increasing trend in Mideast thrillers) and some tightly paced sequences.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1981
Publisher: Beaufort--dist. by Scribners