PIONEERS OF PLENTY The Story of Chemurgy by Christy Borth

PIONEERS OF PLENTY The Story of Chemurgy

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Fascinating reading, stimulating the imagination along the lines of new industrial materials, economic possibilities, etc. Against the background of the accepted scientific discoveries as of 1934, are told the stories of the men, American and foreign, who have advanced this new field into the position of an important factor for the future. One might define it as the science of manufacturing useful things from waste, and the aim is to abolish scarcity by a modern alchemy. The new part played by milk, beans, cotton, flax, wood, wood fibers, medical discoveries, and so on, indicate a few of the peepholes into the future that chemurgy has opened. Plus sale for juniors.

Pub Date: Sept. 18th, 1939
Publisher: Bobbs Merrill