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THE GIFT OF JAZZY by Cindy Adams


by Cindy Adams

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 2003
ISBN: 0-312-27307-X
Publisher: St. Martin's

An upbeat account of moving on after loss, as the popular New York Post gossip columnist relates how the gift of a Yorkshire terrier brought her love, laughter, and a reason to get up each morning.

Married at 16 to comedian Joey Adams, the author was bereft when her much older husband died, in 1999, after a long illness. She had no children and no siblings, her mother was hospitalized, and though her many celebrity friends loyally rallied round, they were not enough. One of them, however, sent an unexpected gift that had unexpected consequences. A week after Joey’s death, TV producer Michael Viner paid $475 to have a Yorkshire terrier puppy chauffeured by limo from his trainer in Connecticut to Adams’s Park Avenue apartment. She had never had a dog, so she was unprepared for the demands, crises, and rewards of sharing her life with an animal. Short, breezy chapters relate Adams’s tussles with Jazzy, their travels together, and their adventures around town. In church, he started barking and then fled as the very bad soloist started singing. A shopping expedition ended abruptly when Jazzy pooped on the Gucci doorman’s shoes after he insisted that Adams remove her dog. Alongside cute tales of how Jazzy acquired his own personal trainer, designer outfits and collars, and a driver to chauffeur him to play dates, the author of course throws in plenty of celebrity encounters. On Christmas, distracted by Jazzy’s barks, she let the door slam shut behind her and wound up eating Big Macs with Imelda Marcos on the floor outside her apartment. Worried about her ailing pup, she spilled red wine all over herself while dining with Governor Pataki. After a year’s cohabitation, she observed that Jazzy had acquired some of Joey’s habits: he sat in her husband’s favorite chair, liked the thermostat kept high, and insisted she go to bed when he did.

A treat for dog lovers and Cindy’s fans.