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Love's Timeless Melody by Cindy Irish

Love's Timeless Melody

From the The Bel Homme Quartet series, volume 2

by Cindy Irish

Pub Date: Nov. 4th, 2015
Publisher: Enoch Publications

Though they’re opposites in many ways, destiny pushes an aloof superstar and a free-spirited psychic together.

Jamie Stratton has spent the last year earning all the money he ever wanted as one-quarter of Bel Homme, a wildly successful pop-opera vocal group. But now the logical, detached, always-in-control British hunk starts to yearn for love. Fortunately, Jamie’s grandmother, who raised him just steps away from the prehistoric monument Stonehenge, predicts that someone special is on the way. In America, Jessica Evans has a vision telling her the same thing. Though a respected psychic medium able to communicate with the dead and foresee the future, Jessie usually encounters trouble prophesying her own fate. When a child goes missing, Jessie identifies the building where the little girl is trapped by a pedophile. Jessie rushes to the rescue, but suffers a sexual assault in the process and discovers that the same man murdered her mother earlier that day. Grieving and wounded—physically and spiritually—Jessie accepts an offer from the girl’s cousin Michael O’Malley Jr., a member of Bel Homme, who whisks her off to England to recuperate. When she meets Jamie there, both know they’ve found the one they’ve been waiting for. But first Jessie needs to heal and Jamie needs to prove that love is more important than riches. At times, this second installment in Irish’s (The Song That Seduced Paris, 2015) series takes on a much more serious tone than the first; scenes unveiled from the pedophile’s point of view are difficult to get through, as are the acts of violence he commits against Jessie. But this story is not about post-traumatic stress disorder (Jessie recovers from her attack remarkably quickly). Rather, it’s one with many elements that readers expect from a romance: a rich and gorgeous yet unfulfilled hero, lovers with killer chemistry, and cheesy lines like “No need to steal my heart. It’s already yours.” Jessie’s clairvoyance makes this romance different from others, as do unexpected details like the admission that she doesn’t have a perfect body (but Jamie likes her the way she is). As the two spend time together, Irish introduces her third book’s couple-to-be. Hint: There’s another wounded woman, another beautiful man. 

A predictable romance involving a British vocalist’s search for love, with a few twists.