A GOOD DAY, A GOOD NIGHT by Cindy Wheeler


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It's original, it's inventive, and just a mite too jokey--but what a happy contrast to the non-events in the day of My Cat Pearl (p. 511, J-123). This puss, Marmalade by name, is in fact discovered after the day's first event, ""The sun is up""--whereupon we see the sun yawning and stretching in the clouds. Next, ""Robin is up"" and ""Marmalade is up"" and--in a play on primerese that touches off the brief by-play between them--""Marmalade sees Robin."" But the day climaxes well (sun beaming) with each finding food, and both happy. In part two, ""A GOOD NIGHT,"" the sun, in a nightcap, rests its head on the clouds; other creatures--Bat, Rabbit--get up; and Marmalade manages--after a firm human ""Good night""--to creep out of the house. At the last we see her exchanging winks with the moon, one of the extraneous cartoon touches that intermittently shatter the illusion created not only by the spare text but by the sparing illustration--only the protagonist(s), on each page, fully rendered in watercolor, the rest drawn recessively in thin line. Elemental and for the most part mighty satisfying.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1980
Publisher: Lippincott