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by C.J. Rose

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-951412-22-7
Publisher: The Collective Book Studio

An illustrated phrase book for dog lovers of all ages.

For dog lovers not fluent in canine languages or able to read minds, this gift book pairs color photos of dogs of many breeds, shapes, sizes, and ages with captions that explain each dog’s thoughts. Every aspect of a dog’s life is covered: eating (and stealing) food, playing with human and animal friends, vet visits, grooming, and even getting into trouble. Some messages are slightly ominous but delivered in good fun. In one photo, just one eye of a dog peers through fence slats. The caption? “Here, kitty kitty.” Other photos capture more positive dog-cat relationships, and a small, wide-eyed terrier even worries about the biggest cat it has ever seen. Some translations show dogs at their goofiest. The photo of a gangly pup captured awkwardly in midair with front paws flailing for a ball is captioned “I will catch this wingless bee if it is the last thing I do!” Other photo-text pairs share words of wisdom. A large brindle dog with a woebegone expression explains, “No, I don’t think it would be fun for your two-year-old to ride me like a horse, actually.” A distressed shepherd with ears pinned down and back asks, “I beg of you, please, please put those fireworks back in the garage cabinet.” Some of the best captions clearly demonstrate a dog’s superior intellect. “I finally trained her to give me a treat if I shake her hand.” Companion title The Secret Thoughts of Cats publishes simultaneously. (This book was reviewed digitally.)

Find your own man’s best friend and curl up for some love, laughs, and insight.

(Picture book. 5-adult)