ABIGAIL GOES WEST by Cladys Switzer


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A coy triangle of the 1870's is formed and resolved as Abigail Wheeler travels across the United States with her married sister. A few seats behind is Alan Compton, a quiet widower in the trappings of a ""real gentleman"". Across the aisle and up a bit lolls Jamie Gaylord, dashing, fresh-- a jolly tower of energy. And Abigail, sweet, coy, lovely Abigail, strolls with one, then the other, and in the end gives Alan the heave ho because he runs a gambling joint. Trite tale with a touch of unusual atmosphere by a romantic geometrician who has shown her predilection for the triangle before in Betwixt and Between (1959, p. 603, J-301).

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1963
Publisher: Morrow