A GREAT CITY FOR KIDS: A Parent's Guide to a Child's New York by Claire Berman

A GREAT CITY FOR KIDS: A Parent's Guide to a Child's New York

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To New Yorkers, a Sunday afternoon with kids at most of the pleasure and culture pinnacles mentioned here approaches the eighth circle of hell in racket and congestion; but the author has included a fair amount of information about more attractive prospects. Private and public facilities for pursuing the arts; libraries, museums; historical monuments and tours, etc. are listed with locations, telephone numbers and a wide range of activities. For the culture--wary child without an aesthetic bone in his restless body there is a fairly good round-up of sports, spectator and participating, play groups, restaurants and parks. A particularly fascinating section deals with party entertainment (a chimp will monkeyshine for a whacking $350.00). Miss Berman is not 100% reliable (but what guidebooker really is): directions for reaching places are often incomplete; the restaurant list is partial and one heat-and-exhaust-fume-baked honkytonk is listed as ""pleasant."" However as an idea book for New Yorkers or experienced tourists this is moderately useful though not as moderately priced as its paperback competitors.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1969
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill