TOTO'S TRIUMPH by Claire Huchet Bishop
Kirkus Star


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Paris during the extremes of the post war housing shortage backgrounds this story of a family, Papa, Mama, Nicholas and twin babies, and their humorous to self-sacrificing attempts to find and keep a roof over their heads. To their tent one evening outside Ivry gate, Papa brings wonderful news. There are two rooms with a friendly Mme. Champollion- provided they keep the twins a secret. Their attempts to do so last until a visit from the landlord reveals the presence of the babies. A daring plan to keep the place sends Nicolas out on the streets to ""get lost"" so that his parents will not be able to move while they, and the police, are hunting for him. Time is an important element and with the help of Farivol, a man even more homeless than Nicholas himself, new rewards not only in housing but human understanding are gained. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1957
Publisher: Viking