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BONE VALLEY by Claire Matturro


by Claire Matturro

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 2006
ISBN: 0-06-077324-3
Publisher: Morrow/HarperCollins

Despite a houseful of loonies and a docket full of nuisance suits, trial lawyer Lilly Cleary still has time to get herself almost killed in this tale of South Florida foolery.

Although her meat and potatoes is defending doctors against malpractice charges, six-foot clean-freak Lilly (Wildcat Wine, 2005, etc.) is stuck with two unorthodox cases she can’t refuse. Her handyman, Jimmie Rodgers, is being sued by a malingerer (represented by fresh-out-of-law-school baby attorney Jason Quartermire) who somehow thinks her homeless 80-year-old client can pay $250,000 for injuries supposedly caused when Jimmie’s eyes were momentarily diverted by a nubile cyclist whose pet parrot pecked off her bikini top. And Olivia, wife of one of Lilly’s law partners, asks her to defend her environmentalist friends Angus John and Miguel in a fruit-defamation suit brought by local citrus-grower Rayford Clothier. Soon, Jimmie moves in with Lilly, even though he’s canoodling with her neighbor Dolly (who also has custody of Lilly’s rottweiler, Bearess); Lilly’s born-again stoner brother Delvon arrives from Bugfest, Ga., to help Angus’s ex-wife Lenora care for her preserve full of abused animals; and straight-arrow boyfriend Philip Cohen tries to get Lilly to set a date. But when mega-polluter M. David Moody, the environmentalists’ real target, drowns in a pool of toxic gypsum sludge, Lilly realizes that someone is playing for keeps.

Lilly is smart, funny and real. The occasional kink in the tale-spinning can’t keep a good heroine down.