SOLDIER DOCTOR: The Story of William C. Gorgas by Clara Ingram Judson
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SOLDIER DOCTOR: The Story of William C. Gorgas

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A fine biography of the man who did so much to kill the plague called yellow favor. Born in Richmond, son of a Confederate general, the family was up against it after the Civil War. Gorgas wanted desperately to go to West Point, but the cards were against him. Determined to get into the army somehow, he interned at Bellevue in New York and was accepted as an army doctor. In the Spanish American War he was sent to Cuba and started his study of the fever. He helped clean up Havana, knew Walter Read and in 1904 was sent to the Canal Zone. There he went after malaria, exterminated the Stegomyia. He had a hard time when Goethals cut down on cash for the sanitary department, but by 1914, due chiefly to Gorgas, the Canal Zone was the healthiest spot under the stars and stripes. He was sent to Africa where the negroes in the mines were dying of pneumonia. His last job was on the Rockefeller International Health Board. A great man whose life should become familiar to the young.

Pub Date: Aug. 24th, 1942
Publisher: Scribner