PEOPLE WHO WORK In the Country and In the City by Clara Ingram Judson

PEOPLE WHO WORK In the Country and In the City

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Along the lines of People Who Come to Our House and People Who Work Near Our House, but keyed to slightly older children (five and six year olds perhaps) and covering more ground. The first half deals with a real working farm, not the pretty pretty type of farm usually portrayed in picture books, and various angles of farm work are covered, -- a full page picture and a full page of text, along with some of the outside activities that would interest children, such as road work in the district, and the coming of the bookmobile and the public health nurse. The city section seems more artificial. For example, would the father take the children to the telephone switchboard to make a call from his office? And some of the pictures do not ring true -- the city house looks like a country town clapboard bungalow. However, the book covers a wide range of normal small child interest, and does it well, and the pictures, by Keith Ward, are better than those in the earlier volumes.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1943
Publisher: Rand, McNally