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by Clara McKenna

Pub Date: June 29th, 2021
ISBN: 978-1-4967-1779-5
Publisher: Kensington

An American marrying into an aristocratic family faces prejudice and peril in 1905 England.

In some ways Stella Kendrick has been fortunate. She's survived a girlhood with a wealthy father eager to marry her to any British aristocrat so he'd be able to brag to his friends in Kentucky horse-racing circles. Her engagement to Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst has become a love match because of the trust they’ve built up over several murder investigations. A trip to Southampton to pick up her father’s friends the Swensons for her upcoming wedding becomes an introduction to murder when someone is trampled to death by runaway horses right in front of them. When the couple's police contact, Inspector Archibald Brown, identifies the man as a crooked jockey, they find themselves immersed in another murder case, but that’s the least of Stella’s problems in the run-up to the wedding. Her paternal uncle, Jedidiah Kendrick, turns up uninvited along with his two young children, putting her irascible father in an even worse mood than usual. Hoping to defuse the tension and get away from her disapproving future mother-in-law, Stella plans an outing to the ruins of Keyhaven Castle. When her father is pushed to his death by one of his friends or relatives, she faces conflicting emotions since she knows he never loved her. But she and Lyndy continue to investigate the world of racing, hoping to find a motive.

The sleuthing couple unearth surprising revelations in an appealing continuation of their adventures.