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by Clara McKenna

Pub Date: Oct. 25th, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-4967-3818-9
Publisher: Kensington

After a courtship marred by murders and family problems, Lyndy and Stella finally make it official through a marriage that confirms them as Lord and Lady Lyndhurst.

Things start to go wrong as soon as the happy couple checks into York’s best hotel in September 1905. Since the Honeymoon Suite they've reserved is occupied by chocolatier Horace Wingrove for one night, they reluctantly agree to take the Royal Suite. Lyndy tries to talk Wingrove into moving, but he refuses, asserting that it’s where he and his late wife spent their honeymoon. The night is far from quiet, for Wingrove has visitors, and the next morning, a maid discovers Wingrove dead. Even though Dr. Bell, who resides in the hotel, declares the death an accidental case of carbon monoxide poisoning, the hotel manager still calls the police, and Bell volunteers to tell Wingrove’s nephew, Morgan Amesbury-Jones, who’s staying at the hotel along with Wingrove’s secretary. Stella, realizing that most of the pillows are missing from Wingrove’s room, suspects murder when feathers fall from the chimney. Wingrove’s secretary and nephew, who inherits Wingrove’s famed chocolate company, join Stella’s meager list of suspects. Since the detective sergeant assigned to the case is mainly interested in protecting the royals who are visiting York for the unveiling of a statue, Stella must deal with thwarted romance, class differences, anti-royalists, and a missing chocolate formula while surviving her serendipitous honeymoon.

The halcyon days of 1905 are both romantic and dangerous for the charming sleuths.