SEASON OF THE HEART by Clare Barroll


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A 15th-century romance set in Sweden which moves handily enough through a convincing period landscape, violence, and fairly continuous action. The lovely Donna is the reluctant bride of unpleasant Lord Ivor, the Danish-born King's man; she longs for Kurt, a patriot patterned after Sweden's ""liberator,"" Engelbrekt. While Kurt gathers forces to drive the King out of Sweden and uphold the rights of oppressed miners for a ""living wage,"" the liaison of Donna and Kurt flourishes--until the lovers are discovered and Donna is tried not only for adultery but for witchcraft. She had seemingly brought a dead Italian artist back to life, and confounded the peasants in other ways. The story is told by a young priest, devoted to Donna, who reveals the happy surprise ending. Elementary but forthright.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Scribners