THE WHITE ROSE by Clare Rossiter


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Young Anna Stanton and her brother Kit are babes in the woods in the London of 1750 and Kit, a compulsive gambler, is soon head over heels in debt to Capt. Rare Bellamy. Ruthless Bellamy vows he will forget the debt and buy Kit a commission in His Majesty's Army, but only if Anna will agree to spy for the crown against Jacobite plotters. Though Anna hates the task, she has no choice. But it becomes more and more difficult as the Jacobite folks whom she is spying on become her best friends--scatterbrained Irish Cessy, her mysterious mother Primrose, and above all, dashingly seductive James. When Bonny Prince Charlie sneaks into London and an uprising is in the works, Anna must choose--between James and Bellamy, white rose and red, friends and country, civil war and peace. And it is a matter of perfect indifference to the reader which she picks since the characters on each side are as flat as her own. Jumped-up juvenilia.

Pub Date: June 21st, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's