HEART ON HER SLEEVE by Clarence Budington Kelland


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Bright and breezy sabotage and romance with Andree returning to her New England home to decide between brains and beauty as a career. A brutal attack on her father, head of the Senlac Plywood Company, puts her in charge of defense production and in charge of guarding the plant. She needles Commander O'Toole, the Navy Inspector for the plant, into quick action; she puts obstacles in the way of moves of Dr. Lunt, whose mysterious actions and threats bring murder in their wake, and with directionless doubletalk does some powerful persuading for active resistance on the part of her workers and friends. Saving the Senlac formula is also part of her job and she manages to oust, by out manoeuvering, the spy-hoodlum element and get a stranglehold on O'Toole...Easy reading, with plus appeal for murder-mystery-spy addicts. S.E.P. serialization.

Pub Date: Feb. 16th, 1943
Publisher: Harper