LAND OF THE TORREONES by Clarence Budington Kelland


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The Four Corners"", -- where Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado touch at a moment of isolation, forms the setting for an approved formula novel, in CBK specially vein. Mild-mannered hero and self-willed girl bicker through a search for primitive relics and the mineral, molybdenum. Mike has denied Kelsey's plea to be one of the party, but her father backs her up -- and the race is on. She always wears dark glasses to conceal eyes that are continually misunderstood by men, and revels in the impersonal attention she receives. In the determination to reach the objective before their competitors, they pick up one Cavendish, who -- when they make their goal -- turns out to be an escaped Nazi prisoner, who has used their party to help his fellow escapees to freedom, and who seises control. But Mike, successful in the purpose of the expedition, begins to measure up to Kelsey's qualifications -- routs the Nazis -- and brings the girl to heel. Rentals largely.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1945
Publisher: Harper