THE WAR ON THE POOR by Clarence Carson


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Blaming current poverty problems on a century of government meddling, this is a call for a return to the time when there were no child labor laws, agricultural price supports, Social Security, pro-union legislation, minimum wages or income taxes to keep an honest man from getting rich. In separate chapters on farm, labor, business and urban-aid policies, the author demonstrates how federal policies, beginning with the Homestead Act of 1862, have actually made ""war on the poor"" by upsetting the law of supply and demand which alone produces prosperity. Carson overlooks unpleasant realities such as what working people had to put up with sixty years ago; he also ignores the fact that present-day poverty groups have always existed on the fringe of the market. The classical economic theory on which his analysis is based has been abandoned for many decades by all but the Right. But his arguments are earnestly put, and they should please those who spiritually dwell in the days of McKinley.

Pub Date: May 31st, 1969
Publisher: Arlington House