UNION NOW WITH BRITAIN by Clarence K. Streit
Kirkus Star


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Union Now snowballed into a sensational success, and has become a byword. The very things Streit prophesied came to pass; the program he advanced was considered too late. Now comes the sequel, written at white heat, a plea and a program for immediate formation of a federal union of English speaking democracies, the first step towards a world state. His claims seen feasible (barring some hurdles of machinery which he makes sound too easy -- and barring the psychological hurdle which he virtually denies). But his major premises take their root in our own experience -- the failure of the early league, the success of the federal union. The Constitution is our foreign policy, and its extension, with certain changes, would make a world union an ultimate possibility. An exciting and challenging book. A sure best seller.

Pub Date: March 5th, 1941
Publisher: Harper