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The case for the Conservatives is here presented against the full range of historical background, successive setbacks in recent decades, and frustrating handicaps. Clarence Manion, with an extensive career in law, public service under Eisenhower as chairman of the Commission on Inter-Governmental Relations, and currently as director of a radio and TV program, The Manion Forum,-here speaks for his fellow conservatives. He sees in the last 30 years progressive steps in the destruction of the Constitution, a lessening role for the individual, a loss of freedom and democracy, a stranglehold on business, and a disintegration of the national sovereignty. He attacks government interference in business, in education, in society; he feels that one administration after another has knuckled under to the forces of so-called liberalism, making smooth the path for Communism; he feels that Republicans and Democrats alike have followed a ""me-too"" policy- and that since the death of Senator Taft there has been no top leadership to secure our sovereignty and stem the tide. This is a forthright book, amply documented- though some may quibble over his sources. He says a good deal that perhaps many feel needs to be said, while interjecting controversial material with which others will take sharp issue. The Conservative American- as he defines him- will find here ammunition for his arguments, while many will resent his assumption that old fashioned American patriotism is on its last legs.

Pub Date: Feb. 15th, 1964
Publisher: evin-Adair