AIR INTELLIGENCE: Now Modern Air Force Operations Are Planned by

AIR INTELLIGENCE: Now Modern Air Force Operations Are Planned

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The final story cannot yet be told of this undramatic yet remarkable part played in the war by Air Intelligence. Because the work ""is highly difficult, often dull, drab, vexing, fatiguing"" it has not caught the attention of the layman who talks of the daring raids, little realizing that Air Intelligence plotted them. General Sorenson, formerly Asst. Chief of Air Staff, Intelligence, has given a fairly complete story for the layman. The early chapters discuss mainly the use of strategic serial warfare, ignoring the equally important tactical serial warfare, but the general picture of air power and its application is fundamental to any understanding of the overall planning. The second half of the book presents all types of air intelligence, -- combat, photo, prisoner of war and technical. The duties of a Combat Intelligence Officer are clarified; the interdependence of intelligence divisions is discussed (though not as accurately as it should be done). The layman will get a fair appreciation of the A.I.O. -- but professionals will note the gaps in such matters as the part played by Operations, the briefing of fighter crews, etc.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce