THE GLASS BARRACKS by Clarissa Fairchild Cushman


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A pleasant and practised presentation of some recognizable situations and familiar faces for the story of John and Lee and their youngster, Jimmy, as a new job for John as Economics Instructor does not take them out of the old life in the glass barracks of a veterans housing project. If in another town, Lee still faces the same rooms and the same furniture, the same laundry on the line and the same talk across it, and this time there's Lee's fear of Sam, who lives next door, and whose crude geniality is a cover for his intention to make her. Lee's determination to get away drives her to the impulsive purchase of a garage they can't convert, then some land in the country for the hope of a home of their own, but not before Sam's homicidal tendencies have become manifest and have endangered her life... Readable and certainly very rentable.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1949
Publisher: Little, Brown