THE HUNTERS by Clark Howard


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The sniper slaying of a LAPD narcotics detective is the work of any one of four middle-class suburbanites about to depart on a hunting trip after Vegas beaver and mountain deer. Could it be Wes Tarnak, an architectural draftsman who can't cut it with his wife since he began wearing her panties; Leo Fritz, an ad agency bigwig who's ulcer-ridden because he's actually a ""creative parasite""; Milt Newman, a twofisted pharmaceuticals salesman whose initials spell MAN except to wife Gloria; or Lamar York, an insecure insurance underwriter who longs to writhe under Gloria? It doesn't really matter for this is a distasteful manhunt vaguely reminiscent of Deliverance, but providing none.

Pub Date: Dec. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Dial