MARK THE SPARROW by Clark Howard


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Lower-minded than The Killings (1973) and stretched out to no particular advantage--this is a dossier on Weldon Whitman, 27 and a three-time loser (like Chessman?) who when paroled commits several hold-ups and unnatural sex acts in rapid succession. Surprisingly it's the latter that gets him the death sentence. Cloud, a newspaperman feels that Whitman's been shafted and works up support for him, helped by a law librarian who is still emotionally susceptible to him. But after a time (during which he is shacked up with Whitman's ex-wife) Cloud becomes more and more confused and inert; one of Whitman's two sex targets becomes schizoid, the other commits suicide, and whitman goes to the gas chamber. Would that you cared. There's an unnecessary amount of lubricious sex and probably some readers will be licking their lips unless they're using them to read with.

Pub Date: June 30th, 1975
Publisher: Dial