ROOM AT THE INN by Clark McMeekin


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Christmas cheer- with a tear- as a small story tells of Miss Carrie Carter, once a Louisville belle, now an aging spinster, who doesn't open her door to a small boy and his father down from the mountains, or her heart to the tragedy of a Christmas. Eve which finds the child's mother in a nearby hospital on the critical list. But it is the old faithful Annie who defies her mistress, and gives her bed to Kenny; and while Miss Carrie prepares for her annual Christmas party, she does not know that she will be deserted by her boarders and her oldest friends. Once alone, her thoughts take her back to brighter, happier years; her grievances yield to affectionate memories; and when she finds Kenny in her home, she is ready to give him the Christmas they both have missed. A situation which is obviously played for a catch in the throat- and you may find yourself susceptible, if you have a low threshold to pain.

Pub Date: Oct. 19th, 1953
Publisher: Putnam