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Don't turn off your lights until you read this one. The Senator from Montana and his assistant have raked up the mud about privately owned electric power and light companies of nearly every state--as opposed to the more beneficial municipally and collectively owned installations--and their zeal to serve up the facts of overcharging on monthly bills is matched by the vigor with which they do it. They describe the ease with which companies escape the regulation of the law and their incredibly low rate of risk and high rate of profit. But the real kick in the teeth to the consumer is that the extra money he pays to these companies is used by them to finance propaganda campaigns in favor of their methods, as well as, more fanatically, right-wing gibberish about communist control of the United States developing from government regulation of light and power rates. The pair makes a convincing argument for new, immediate and lasting legislation to keep prices of basic utilities within the range of the average man's wallet. The least that ought to happen is that we all make our poor man's picket line by simply reaching for that switch.

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1966
Publisher: McKay