THE PENTAGON: Politics, Profits, Plunder by Clark R. Mollenhoff

THE PENTAGON: Politics, Profits, Plunder

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Pulitzer prize-winner, contemporary muckraker, Mollenhoff has articulated and documented an argument that has been bruited about under the breath of a good many men in Washington--namely that the civilian administration of the Defense Department is responsible for the ""politics, profits, plunder"" in the Pentagon. To implement the contention, he has arraigned nearly every group of civilian administrators from the inception of the Department of Defense through to Mister Mc(the knife)Namara. McNamara's program of ""cost effectiveness"" has appreciably weakened our defenses; government contracts are used to keep industrialists and contractors cowed; the threat of closing bases and withholding contracts is applied against Congressmen; military men are muzzled by designing civilians; the most powerful forces on earth controlled in a few hands--these are the primary charges leveled. When a military dictatorship comes to America, the implication is that it will wear civilian clothes. What defense will be possible? Mollenhoff's controversial critique-commentary will have strong publisher backing, and it may well startle a buying-readership comparable to Wise & Ross' The Invisible Government (1964).

Pub Date: Jan. 30th, 1966
Publisher: Putnam