WHERE DO GOLDFISH GO? by Claude attaert


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en 10-year-old Valerie's crapulous grandfather dies, she cannot force herself to join in the assumed mourning. She has arrived at an age where she suffers from asks of the adults surrounding her that they admit their movies and drop their pretenses. Her English ""Miss"", who demands all the cliches of grief, pettishly drowns Valerie's goldfish by flushing it down the toilet with the ague idea of teaching her something. Obsessed with this ghastly end to the pet ne had wished to set free, Valerie stumbles into every sort of difficulty during he ensuing days when Grandfather lies in artificial state in the library. No one stens to her and, disillusioned, she leaves home with the concierge's son. Buying up goldfish to liberate them, her days and nights of freedom are oddly dull to . Avoiding the fate her family fears, she is returned to find that she has become as indifferent to her family as they were to her. Valerie starts to pretend-- to grow up. Short and flecked with ironic bittersweet. A translation from French. No Zazie, but ink kin.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1963
Publisher: Crown